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Tachi Palace Fights 1: "Most Wanted" Results

By Zeke Gonzales
Tachi Palace's Most Wanted featured two of the fastest rising stars in mixed martial arts. The card featured Hanford's Chad Mendes and Porterville's Joe Soto. Both featherweight fighters came into the card undefeated and they did not disappoint.
Both fighters have the petigree to be MMA stars with very strong wrestling backgrounds. Mendes was an All-American wrestler at Cal Poly, and Soto was a California high school state champion as well as being the current Bellator featherweight world champion, a title he won during the summer in Ontario. Soto won $100,000 for winning the eight-man tournament.

Soto used a rare finishing move to improve his record to 8-0. He used the gogoplata finisher where he choked out Mike Christensen (4-1) of Placerville in 2:06 of the first round. The gogoplata is a move where you choke out your opponent with your shin (or ankle), the fighther puts pressure on his opponents throat to make him submit. Soto was on one-fight loan from Bellator to fight at Tachi Palace.

Soto was on his back, but reversed the move and he got the choke hold on Christensen, who seemed stunned after the fight that he had to tapout.

Mendes (5-0) for his part was very dominant in his fight against Mike Joy (7-5) of Tacoma, Wa. Mendes won a 30-27, 30-27, 30-26 decision. scored it 30-27 for Mendes.
Mendes had some mat thumping takedown's and was on top of Joy the entire fight. He forced the action with punches to the head and body, and was constantly working Joy trying to get a submission. The fight was a one-sided affair, and if it was a boxing match the bout would have been stopped. In the first round Mendes ending the round by pounding Joy for at least 20 unanswered shots to the face, but Joy was saved by the end of the round.

In other bouts:
David Mitchell (7-1) d. War Machine (10-3): In the co-main event the two heavyweights went back and forth. Finally Mitchell pulled out a split decision win 29-28, 28-29, 30-27. scored it 29-28 for War Machine. The decision could have gone either way. This was the most exciting fight of the night, as both guys gave as good as they took during the fight.

Poppies Martinez (17-5) d. Sergio Salcido (4-4): Fan favorite Martinez, who hails from Lemoore, won in 3:21 of the second round as he forced Salcido to tapout. Salcido went in for a takedown but could not finish, and Martinez got his hold around Salcido's neck, and when the two went to the mat it was all over.

Ulysses Gomez (4-1) d. Martin Sandoval (4-2): Gomez won in 36 seconds of the second round with a rear-naked choke. Gomez, from Las Vegas, used a knee to the face of Sandoval that stunned the Oakdale fighter, and he was able to get the finishing hold.
Leopoldo Serao (16-7) d. Phil Collins (7-5): Mountain View's Serao pulled out split-decision win over Merced's Collins 28-29, 29-28, 29-28. scored it 29-28 for Collins, but the decision could have easily gone the other way.

The first round was uneventful with neither fighther gaining the upperhand. Collins won the second round dropping Serao twice in the round, once with an uppercut then with a left hand. In the third round Serao pressed the action, while Collins wanted nothing to do with a tie-up instead opting to fight from the outside. During the last 30 seconds Collins took Serao down and pounded him as he looked to have wrapped up the fight.

Michelle Ould (4-2) d. Jessica Rakoczy (0-1): Ould gave up four inches to Las Vegas' Rakoczy but it didn't matter as the Sacramento fighther was able win the fight after the referee stopped the fight at 1:40 in the second round. Ould tried to take Rakoczy down to start the second round, but ended on her back. After several seconds she was able to reverse herself to a top position, and started to pound away at Rakoczy until the referee stopped the fight.

Michael McDonald (8-1) d. Carlos Garces (3-2): An uppercut and right hand combination put this one-sided affair to bed in 2:01 of the first round after the referee stopped the fight to give Oakdale's McDonald the win.

McDonald dominated the fight as he got in a big kick early in the round, and followed that up with several big punches to the head as he set the tone early.

Francisco Loredo (4-5) d. Chris Tangonan (2-2): Loredo, out of Coalinga, captured a disputed split decision victory over Exeter's Tangonan 29-28, 28-29, 29-28. scored the fight for Tangonan 29-28. Loredo got the first takedown of the night, but midway through the first round Tangonan pulled over a nice revasal and dominated from the top position by constantly punching Loredo's face. Tangonan got an early takedown in the second round and rode Loredo for the entire round. The third round Loredo connected on several punches and then took Tangonan down at the end of the round.